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Under september gäller betalningsvillkor 60 dagar vid beställning av full lastbil.
Kollektorituotannon hallitseva laatupäällikkö
Olemme palkanneet Ronny Erikssonin koko konsernin QA/TPM Manageriksi.
Full gas på Motocross-VM
MuoviTech var på plats när VM avgjordes i Uddevalla.

Developed on the inside

Turbo collector ® is a patented development of the traditional energy probe (with flat bore) and has a proven better heat transfer.

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Casing Cap 140 Rubber
Prevents surface leakage into the well

Loose returned weights
Available in different weight classes

E-therm KBS Cinema

Flow adjustment valve Guard
Contact Us MuoviTech U.S. 1111 Foster Avenue, Nashville, TN 37210. +1 (615) 401 9142
Muovitech Group is the European leader in products for geothermal energy. Our innovative products for heating and cooling contributes to a better climate on Earth. We develop and manufacture installation products for geothermal energy in our own factories. Collectors for drillers who drill for geothermal heating and cooling. We also have collectors for contractors who work with geothermal energy savings etc.. Complete supplier of accessories such as manifold chambers, distribution pipes, casing pipes, valves, fittings, and everything needed for installation until a heat pump, alt. cooler.